I’m sure that you’ve all heard the expression “Great Things are Happening in Miamisburg.”  Well, great things are also happening in the Miamisburg Rotary Club.
We recently held our Miamisburg Rotary Club 2020 Community Support Day fundraiser which enabled us to use our auction software as an online donation site.  Between the website and mailed-in donations, 85% of our Miamisburg Rotarians have donated so far.  When added to the corporate, business and individual sponsors, we have, now exceeded our $12,500.00 fundraising goal by $425.00 --for a total of $12,925.00.  MANY THANKS TO ALL OUR DONORS AND SPONSORS!!
As a result of the fundraiser, we found that the website did such a great job for accepting donations, why not see how else we can use it.  After some brainstorming and discussion, the Board of Directors agreed to explore utilizing our auction software to provide a service that has often been requested by a number of our members.  That service would enable Rotarians to make credit card payments online for invoiced items. 
We are happy to announce that for your convenience, the Miamisburg Rotary Club is now able to accept credit card payments for your annual dues, donations / sponsorships for our 2020 Community Support Day, and happy dollars. 
Rotarians with any current, outstanding debts (dues, sponsorships, etc.) may now satisfy those obligations online.  We would like to close the books on these open items and encourage you to make your payments online as soon as possible.
We will be adding more options as they become needed, including prepaid meals, tickets, donations and more.
So, you may be asking, “How do I access this website?”  It’s amazingly simple.  On your browser’s address bar, enter http://www.auctria.com/auction/MRC-Payment-Center.  The opening window will provide information and instructions to help you select your payment options.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at bjboh57@earthlink.net or by phone: 937-608-8158.