The Miamisburg Rotary Club was chartered May 29, 1922. Its meetings were held at 12:15 on Wednesday at The Miamisburg Businessmen's Club.

Charter Members were: Harris V. Bear, Superintendent of Schools; Charles E. Brough, John Brough Company; Lawrence M. Dissinger, Engineer; Omer G. Dreher, American Envelope Company; William H. Heinfeld, Andrews & Heinfeld; Charles S. Judy, Physician; Charles E. Kinder, Publisher; William Kuhn, Kuhn Implement Company; Nevin B. Mathis, Clergyman; Charles L. Mitchell, The Mitchell Wheel Company, Fred W. Rosnagle, The Miami Valley Savings Bank; Alfred Silberman, Druggist; Van Lear Sprigg, D.A. Stump Automobiles; Louis Suttman, The Ben Suttman Clothing Company; Robert Earl VanDerveer, Attorney; S. Elwood Waters, The Great Peerless Mills; Edmund C. Webber, The Grove & Weber Company; Charles Zechman, Jeweler.

The Charter Officers were: President, Van Lear Sprigg; Vice President, Fred W. Rosnagle; Treasurer, Louis Suttman; Secretary, C.L. Mitchell; Sergeant-at-Arms, Charles Zechman.

The Board of Directors members were Charles S. Judy, C.L. Mitchell, Fred W. Rosnagle, A.L. Silberman, Van Lear Sprigg, and Louis Suttman.

The original committees were: Entertainment (Program); Education in Rotary; Boy's Week; Business Methods; Membership and Classification; Rotarian Correspondent; and Editor Meeting Notice or Club Publication.