2021 Rotary Auction

Club Website Auction Notice:




With the continuing Covid-19 restrictions, we have decided to hold our Annual Charity Auction as a “virtual” event.  Since our first Charity Auction in the 1992-93 Rotary year, our dedicated Rotarians and supporters have raised $250,000.00.  Those funds, in-turn, have been donated to the Miamisburg Rotary Club Charitable Trust Fund and the Rotary Foundation.


Auction Guide:

- Website:  https://virtualauction.bid/MiamisburgRotary2021 (you can click on this link to go there)

    - Online bidding start:  Friday 21 May 2021 12:00 pm (EDT)

    - Online bidding end:  Thursday 03 Jun 2021 7:00 pm (EDT)

- Home Page:

    - To see the items available for bidding, click on the blue “Auction” button at the bottom of the page.  

        - To bid on items, each guest is required to register (click on the blue “Register” button) and complete requested registration information.

        - All payments will be by credit card (required at registration).  

        - Bidder registration will be confirmed via email.

- Credit Cards:

    - Credit card processing fees are established by the website vendor and card processor, not the Miamisburg Rotary Club.  

    - Credit card fees incurred will be paid by the user / purchaser.  (This allows us to direct all auction purchase amounts to the funds as designated by the bidder). 

    - Fees include a per transaction charge and percent of purchase charge set on a decreasing scale based on the total purchase (payment) amount.  

- Bidding:

        - Select the item(s) you wish to bid on and make your bid.

            - All items will show a “starting” amount and “bidding increment”.                    

            - All bids, including subsequent bids, must meet or exceed the required increment to be accepted by the system. 

                - Emails will notify you each time that you are the current “high bidder”.

                - You will receive addition emails each time you have been outbid.

- Donations and Charity Funds:

    - All auction registrants (bidding or not) may make a direct donation to our Charity funds.

    - Donors / Bidders may allocate their payments to any or all, of the following:

        - The Miamisburg Rotary Charitable Trust Fund (CT)

        - The Rotary Foundation(RF) 

            - Annual Fund (AF)

            - Polio Plus (PP)

        (see the auction website home page for fund details)

    - You may indicate your allocation preference in the “Comments” box during registration.

        - If one fund is selected, it will receive 100%.

        - If RF is selected, the default allocation will be 50/50 to AF and PP.

        - If CT and RF are selected, the default allocation will be 34% to CT, 33 to AF and 33 to PP.

        - You may also customize your allocation (ie., CT 25%, AF 25%, PP 50%; or any combination you wish equaling 100% of your payment).


- End of auction:

        - At close of the auction period, the winning bidder will receive an email notification of having won the item.

        - You will also receive your “account statement” giving the total amount being charged to your credit card.


On behalf of our 60 Rotarians, we thank you for joining us for our auction.  Happy bidding, good luck and thank you for your support.