Speaker Date Topic
Amy Elsass Apr 14, 2021
New Career Experiences Course at MHS

Mrs. Elsass is starting a new course to help high school seniors learn more about job opportunites by job shadowing and other link to local businesses.

Katie Frank Ryan Davis Apr 21, 2021
Megan Cooper Apr 28, 2021
Dayton metro library - Summer Children's Program
Tata McCafferty May 05, 2021
HR topics for Entrepreneurs

An exploration of modern HR (human relations) issues and how businesses navigate this most important part of their businesses.


This presentation is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who do not have a dedicated HR professional on staff.  I cover the key components of Human Resources, the context and compliance issues, and offer ways to manage the risk that comes with having employees.

Nick Ripplinger May 12, 2021
Battle Sight Technology - Book Writing -- Military Leadership in Private Business

Mr. Ripplinger is CEO of a fairly new company--Battle Sight Technology.  One of their innovative products is a marking system that can be used by military and civilians.  ASdditionally, he has written a book aboout transferring leadership in the military to civilian business practices.  He will share his story of the challengs of starting and growing a business.

View this web site rom some previews: https://battlesighttech.com/

Or his book: Front Line Leadership: Applying Military Strategies to Everyday Business